What is OSHA and How does it affect you?

What is OSHA and How does it affect you?

There are a plethora of acts and legislation in the U.S. that drastically change the lives of those who work in the production industry everyday. It’s easy to get lost and lack an understanding of the acts that exist. There is one act that is particularly important for anyone in the production industry, OSHA.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an act that was passed in 1970 to ensure the safety of the men and women workers involved in the production of goods in the US. For years, millions of people working in poultry production were overlooked and undervalued. While the people working for these companies were under-recognized for being the backbone of the American economy, they continuously pushed for more rights. Many of these workers suffered extreme injuries on the job. Eventually, they were granted better working conditions through the OSHA act. The mission of the OSHA act is “ to save lives, prevent injuries and protect the health of America’s workers.” OSHA has strict criteria and standards that must be followed in order for businesses to operate in the US. It offers training, outreach, education and assistance for people interested in augmenting their understanding and execution of the act. Below are some of the measures they follow to create a healthy work environment:

If you are interested in more of the standards from OSHA, visit their site for more information.

Almost 50 years later, we still salute and stand with the workers who fought for the rights they deserved. While OSHA has been enforcing strict standards throughout the production industry, today over 5,600 Americans die every year from workplace injuries (according to OSHA.gov). There is still work to be done in enforcing the act and working to better it. Some of the things OSHA is doing to lower this number are truly remarkable. They are conducting routine inspections of production facilities to make sure they are following protocol. They keep in depth records of incidents that occur in order to provide good feedback on how to prevent them from recurring. They also provide training programs to give business owners tangible ways to follow their procedures while still operating efficiently.


This act is not only beneficial for the workers in the industry, but it serves an essential role for consumers as well. This act allows the consumer to have clarity on what’s happening in the spaces their favorite products are being produced in. They can understand the chemicals being used within the facility and the illnesses or injuries that have taken place there.


At Delong’s, we understand and uphold the high standard that the OSHA act entails. We recommend not allowing workers to wear anything that would compromise their safety (long sleeves, loose shirts, gloves, etc.). We always advise to apply pressure to gizzards with the horizontal flat part of palm and bottom flat of fingers, and that every gizzard be inspected before peeling it to bring customers the best quality. We value the safety of consumers and workers. It is our hope that you and your processing plant will put OSHA requirements and the safety of your workers at the forefront of your operation DeLong’s is one of the leading authorities on poultry processing rollers in the United States, providing some of the best rollers in the industry, providing you with safer processes (and safety information!), higher yield, and a better bottom line.

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