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Delong’s Turkey Gizzard System

Increase efficiency and decrease costs with an all-encompassing, fully customizable system of equipment that works together to give you the optimal gizzard processing solutions

DeLong's Gizzard Peeling System
  • All stainless steel construction, 3900 gizzards/hr
  • Removes fat and debris from gizzard prior to lining removal
  • Consistent performance = higher yields and lower investment cost
  • Versatile and completely customizable
  • Increases yield via waterless transport
  • Low maintenance = reduced costs
  • Model 2602/2603 peels over 60 gizzards per minute.
  • Unique variable diameter design gives linings more opportunities to be picked up by rollers.
  • Automation offers high yield, low cost operations and optimal staff placement
  • Customizable to fit your needs
  • Separate chutes for “Good” vs. “Waste” product
  • 4 Stations equipped with double action peeling assemblies, Gooseneck hand and gizzard wash area, and water saver.

Worldwide Leading Provider of Poultry & Gizzard Processing Machinery

For more than 50 years, the DeLong’s family has been the poultry processing industry’s leading provider of replacement peeler rollers for poultry equipment. Whether you need to conduct regular maintenance on your equipment, rebuild an old poultry machine, need new machinery or are looking for ways to increase your plant’s yield, DeLong’s can help.

Leading provider of poultry rollers
for over 50 years
For all your skinning, defatting
& peeling needs
High yield management & gizzard
processing expertise

DeLong’s Gizzard Equipment is a manufacturer of poultry processing equipment and the world’s leading provider of rollers for poultry and gizzard processing machinery. Our precision-engineered rollers meet or exceed manufacturers’ specifications for all major brands of processing equipment. Additionally, our decades of experience make them leading experts on the gizzard production process.

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