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Replacement Peeling Rollers

The quality of your machine rollers has a huge impact on efficiency. DeLong’s offers four types of rollers, Gizzard Harvester Rollers, Manual Gizzard Peeling Rollers, Breast Cleaning Rollers, and Neck and Thigh Skinning Rollers.

Each roller has a unique patented design to perform specific removal of membranes and skin with efficiency and precision. We manufacture these rollers to meet or exceed USDA approval codes, in a variety of lengths, constructed of stainless steel, and hardened stainless steel.

All rollers are available for machines old and new. For current pricing, request a consultation with one of our experts.
Maximize plant efficiency with replacement peeling rollers. We offer four types: Gizzard Harvester, Manual Gizzard Peeling, Breast Cleaning, and Neck and Thigh Skinning

Worldwide Leading Provider of Poultry & Gizzard Processing Machinery

For more than 50 years, the DeLong’s family has been the poultry processing industry’s leading provider of replacement peeler rollers for poultry equipment. Whether you need to conduct regular maintenance on your equipment, rebuild an old poultry machine, need new machinery or are looking for ways to increase your plant’s yield, DeLong’s is the solution.

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Leading Provider Of Poultry Rollers
For Over 50 Years

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DeLong’s Gizzard Equipment is a manufacturer of poultry processing equipment and the world’s leading provider of rollers for poultry and gizzard processing machinery. Our precision-engineered rollers meet or exceed manufacturers’ specifications for all major brands of processing equipment. Additionally, our decades of experience make them leading experts on the gizzard production process.

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The 2024 IPPE Was A Success!

Thank You To Our Clients — Old And New

Thanks to all who came out to see us at this year’s IPPE show. It was great to connect with so many of you, and to meet so many more great people in the industry from all over the world. At this year’s show we featured our Multi-purpose Skinner and our Automatic Chicken Gizzard Re-peeler, highlighting new safety and maintenance features for the products. Everyone was excited to learn about these new features and how they can help keep their workforce safer and be more efficient.

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