Gut Stripper

Outstanding Performance, Outstanding Versatility

The Model 1127 Gut Stripper separates the gizzard from the gut pack, without damage to the gizzards. This poultry processing machine is compatible with line speeds up to 150 bpm.

DeLong's gut stripper

How It Works

The Model 1127 Gut Stripper is portable and easy to install offline. Gizzards can be pumped in, fed into the chute from a conveyor or fed into the entrance chute manually. The Proven tapered design on our gut stripping rollers allows for the gut pack to fall below the roller while the gizzard is transported to the exit. As the gizzards exit the machine, they travel through our Water Separator. Adding our Water Separator to our Gut Stripper ensures that only the Gizzard is transported, conveyed, or pumped further down the line.



50” Long X 36” – 60” High with Adjustable Legs.
2 hp motor – 1725 rpm – 220/440v, 3/8” Water Supply.

DeLong's Gut Stripper

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