Automatic Turkey Gizzard Peeler

DeLong’s Gizzard Equipment is proud to supply the industry’s only completely Automatic Gizzard Peeling Machine.


Outstanding Performance

The Model 2602/2603 Peeler peels upwards of 90%, without damage to the gizzards. The turkey model peels over 60 gizzards per minute, the chicken model peels over 140 per minute.


Complete Versatility

The Model 2603 auto-peeler is portable and can be placed anywhere in the Gizzard Production Department. Gizzards can be pumped in, fed into the chute from a conveyor or fed into the entrance chute manually. Once the gizzards are peeled and at the end of the rollers, the Unloader Assembly (which is driven off the rollers) will aid the gizzard in exiting the machine.


How It Works

Our unique variable diameter peeling rollers will allow the gizzards to tumble back and forth, allowing the gizzard lining several chances to be picked up by the peeling rollers.


Replacement Rollers for Automatic Gizzard Peeler

Model 2602, which has an exit chute on the left, requires roller part# 8700

Model 2603, which has an exit chute on the right, requires roller part# 8800

See The Automatic Gizzard Peeler In Action

The Automatic Gizzard Peeler is easy to use, and requires minimal manual intervention. A steady flow of water helps the gizzards move over the rollers, and the sloped blades on the rollers naturally push the gizzard toward the Unloader Assembly and out of the machine.

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