Both chicken and turkey defatters are available in all stainless steel construction using a 2 HP motor and 220/440 volt system. Water required is 30 gpm (gallons per minute) around 30psi, 3/8″ hose fittings.


DeLong’s defatters are designed to remove fat from the gizzard prior to lining removal to produce a higher quality end product. Our defatters deliver consistent performance for higher yields with low investment cost.

Chicken Defatter

The chicken defatter performs rotations at 800 rpm, 6000 gizzards/hr or 100/min with weight being around 130 pounds. Get a leaner product quickly and efficiently with the chicken defatter.

DeLong's Chicken Defatter

Turkey Defatter

The turkey defatter performs rotations at 400 rpm, 3000 gizzards/hr and weighs 150 pounds. Get a leaner product quickly and efficiently with the turkey defatter.

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