Roller Repairs

Neck skinning rollers after repair 3

Do you have a need for roller parts repairs? If the answer is yes, then Delong’s can provide this service. We specialize in various repairs that include but are not limited to:

  • Gizzard Harvester Transport Roller repairs for a variety of manufacturers machinery such as, Marel, Meyn, Cantrell, Prime, and more.
  • Neck Skinning Roller repairs
  • Gut Stripping Rollers
  • Pinch-off rollers/Gut Gears
  • Most rollers with a diameter of 1-1/2” or more.

The Impact of Roller Repair Services


Neck skinning roller before repair


Neck skinning roller after repair


Neck skinning roller before repair 2


Neck skinning roller after repair 2


Neck roller before repair 1


Neck roller after repair 1

Roller Repairs FAQ

Learn more about our roller repairs services and the impact on your business from our answers to these frequently asked questions.

If you are in need of repairs to these or any other items, contact our Sales Team at  478-743-9134. You can also email us at

What does Repair & Refurbish Mean?

This means to surface blast the roller teeth, sharpen and fill-in nicks to the teeth, rebuild and mill the shafts to a new like condition, or even replace the old shaft with a new one.

Will this make my rollers last longer?

This will typically increase your usage by 2-3 times the initial life of the roller when new.

How will this service change my ROI?

Repairs are done at a fraction of the cost of a new set of rollers. Extending the life of the roller, while extending the ROI.

Can all rollers be repaired?

Not necessarily, some rollers may be too damaged to be repaired.

How many times can I get my rollers repaired?

Rollers can generally be repaired/refurbished 3-4 times before replacement is necessary. This will depend on the condition of the rollers being repaired.

Do not run your rollers until they are past the repair stage for best results.

What does this service cost?

The cost for repair varies depending on what roller is being repaired, call today for a quote on how we can save you money!

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