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Is there a way to peel gizzards automatically?

Yes, we currently have two options for gizzard peeling. Delong’s offers a Chicken Gizzard Peeler and a Turkey Gizzard Peeler. Both options have yield rates of 80-90%.

How long are your lead times?

Lead times vary for different products, but most items are kept in stock and can ship the same day of order.

Can your products increase my yield?

Yes, our products have proven to increase yield anywhere from 15% to 20% in most cases. For example, if your current yield is 50-60%, then you would see an increase to 80-90% with our parts and machinery.

How do I know if my peeler rollers are worn?

You will see grooves in roller teeth, shiny appearances on and around teeth, and peeling and yield will decrease.

How often should I replace bushings for my peelers?

Replacement varies per bushing type. Replacement time can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks. Replacement times are determined by run times and application in most cases.

What products does Delong’s offer?

We offer a variety of products that will increase the yield in most of your protein production plants. Some of these products include but are not limited to: Skinning of whole Chickens/Turkeys, Gizzard Peeling, Gut Stripping, Neck Skinning, Skinning of leg quarters, breasts, beef, and pork. We are always looking to innovate and find more applications for our products to be utilized and help increase efficiency and yield for all industries in food processing.

Can Delong’s make other OEM rollers?

Yes, we currently make and supply rollers and other parts for Cantrell, Meyn, Stork/Marel, and Davis machines. We also have the capability to make rollers and roller blocks that we do not currently produce.

Can Delong’s make special rollers?

Yes, we have the capability to manufacture most types of rollers and end blocks.

Can Delong’s Equipment process more than Chicken and Turkey?

Yes, our equipment has and is being used in pork, beef, chicken, turkey, and pet food processing facilities.

Can Delong’s repair any of their rollers or parts?

Yes, we can repair Neck Skinning Rollers, Gizzard Transport Rollers, Transport Augers, Gut Gears, Heart and Liver Separator rollers, and Roller End Blocks.


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