DeLong’s Conveyors offer stainless steel motor, gearbox, bearings, and frames with necessary parts made in virgin UHMW. With an open style to aid in cleaning, these make Washdown quick and easy. Our Conveyors have adjustable legs that accommodate +- 4 inches in variability to the design drawing for a perfect fit.


Give one of our representatives a call and let them know which belting you need on our custom, made-to-order DeLong’s Product Conveyor.



Base frame: Fabricated stainless steel

Conveyor sides: Solid or open style to aid in cleaning

Leg assemblies: Adjustable +- 3 inches – tube or angle

Wear strip, return strip or rollers, side rails, belt hold downs: Virgin UHMW

Drive package: Stainless Steel motor, gearbox, bearings, and hardware

Conveyor belting: Per customer request (lntralox, Habisat, Wirebelt, or other manufacturers)

Conveyor style: Flat, incline, nose over, vertical, or hopper style

Conveyor width and length: To fit customers’ needs, the Conveyor can have small diameter transfers as needed

Conveyor built as a single unit or modular style with bolt pads for sections

Conveyor built with fixed or bolt-on legs with braces

Conveyor drives as end drive or center drive

Conveyor is custom designed and built for customer needs and applications (stainless steel chutes, covers, and hoppers as requested)

Drawings can be submitted for approval before fabrication

DeLong's conveyor
DeLong's conveyor

For current pricing, request a consultation with one of our experts.