Multi-Purpose Skinners

Delong’s is proud to introduce the Multi-Purpose Skinner, a versatile machine that lowers your cost, and increases your efficiency and productivity.


Versatility That Increases Efficiency

DeLong’s Multi-purpose Skinner is our latest innovation. The MPS’s design allows it to be used for multiple applications. Its versatility lets you simplify plant operations. Use it to effortlessly remove skin or defat drums, thighs, breasts, and more on both chicken and turkey. Because this one machine does so many jobs it lowers the number of spare parts you need to stock in order to keep your operation running smoothly.

Simple Innovation For Big Savings

DeLong's Multi-purpose Skinner

The DeLong’s Multi-Purpose Skinner is the most efficient and cost-effective machine in the poultry processing industry.


Instead of needing different machines for turkey and chicken breasts, thighs, and drum sticks, the MPS can do it all. This means thousands of dollars of savings on spare parts and increased floor space in your plant. The Multi-Purpose Skinner also helps decrease further processing which translates into savings in rework.


The DeLong’s MPS features a simple design to make repair and maintenance a breeze. Held together with a total of 16 bolts, the MPS can be disassembled, repaired, cleaned, and reassembled in minutes. The easy to use design allows for minimal staff training so that you can get up and running quicker than ever. The DeLong’s MPS also allows you to reduce manual operation and refocus human resources to other tasks.


The MPS utilizes gravity so that parts flow through the machine for increased high meat yields and a better end product. The DeLong’s Multi-Purpose Skinner starts at $30K which is around $25K less than competitors’ machines.

For current pricing, request a consultation with one of our experts.