Chicken Gizzard Re-Peeler

DeLong’s Gizzard Equipment is proud to supply the industry’s only completely Automatic Gizzard Peeling Machine.


Outstanding Performance

The Model 3200 Re-Peeler peels upwards of 85-90%, without damage to the gizzards. The capacity of this machine is up to 140 per min for each line. DeLong’s experts offer advisement on setup to optimize your production. We also offer this machine for turkey gizzards as well.


Complete Versatility

The Model 3200 auto-peeler is portable and can be placed anywhere in the Gizzard Production Department. Gizzards can be pumped in after going through a dewatterer, fed into the chute from a conveyor or fed into the entrance chute manually. Once the gizzards are peeled and at the end of the rollers, the Unloader Assembly (which is driven off the rollers) will aid the gizzard in exiting the machine. Upon exit, the gizzards should be inspected and either sent onto chiller or put back into the peeler for additional peeling. Its size, ease of maintenance, efficiency and price make it a must have piece of equipment for any facility processing gizzards.


How It Works

Using our specially designed rollers coupled with the perfect speed and water flow in this machine you will achieve 85-90% yield the first time through the machine. The utilization of gravity by tilting the machine toward entrance or exit gives adjustments to produce a grade A gizzard everytime.

DeLong's Auto Gizzard Peeler DGE
DeLong's chicken gizzard repeeler
DeLong's Full Chicken Gizzard System

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