Breast Cleaning Rollers

DeLong's peeling rollers

DeLong’s breast cleaning rollers have unique, patented designs to perform specific removal of membranes and skin on poultry breasts with precision and speed. We manufacture these rollers to meet or exceed USDA approval codes, in a variety of lengths, constructed of stainless steel, and hardened stainless steel. Breast cleaning rollers are available for all machines, old and new.

Note: Use the guide above and table below to ensure the proper measurements.

A: Peel Length

B: Peel Diameter (bushings)

C: Shaft Length (drive)

D: Shaft Diameter (bushing)

OEM DeLong’s
Part Number
Peel Diameter
Shaft Length
Shaft Diameter
Drive Shafts
on Both Ends
Reverse Gear
on End of Peel
DeLong’s 0067DRA 16 in. 7/8 in. 3.25 in.  5/8 in.
DeLong’s 0067R 12 in. 7/8 in. 3.25 in.  5/8 in.
DeLong’s 0067RA 16 in. 7/8 in. 3.25 in.  5/8 in.
Prime Equipment Group 1040 16 in. 1.025 in. 3.25 in.  5/8 in.
Prime Equipment Group 4220 20 in. 1.25 in. 3.375 in.  5/8 in.
Prime Equipment Group 1040 20 in. 1.25 in. 4 in.  3.4 in.
DeLong’s Part Number Description
3218 RSSH 1.125” x 18″ Peeler with Rev Gear Stainless, Hardened
3218 RFSSH 1.125” x 18″ Rev. w/Flats in Peel – Stainless, Hardened
3218 DW SS 18″ X 1.25″  Peeler Double Drive with Unloader – Stainless
4218SFSSH 18″ X 1.25″  Skinning Rollers with Flats, Stainless, Hardened
4218RFB 18″ X 1.25″ Skinning Roller w/ Rev & Flats on Rev Gear
4218 W SS 18″ X 1.25″ Skinning Roller with Unloaders Stainless Steel


DeLong’s recommends replacing your brass bushings every time you replace your poultry rollers. DeLong’s stocks all sizes for the end block application.


New brass bushings are always recommended when replacing any rollers. Bushings effect a rollers performance tremendously. Bad bushing can cause a good roller to perform poorly. DeLong’s stocks all sizes of bushings for any end block application.

DeLong's bushings
DeLong’s Part Number Description
0045AS 1/2″ flange bushings
0067AS 5/8″ flange bushings
FL5210 1/2″ flange bushings
019AS 3/4″ Flange Bushing
EB1″ 1″ Flange Bushing
FB42 3/4″ ID X 1″ OD X 1-1/4″ Flange Bushing
013AS 16mm Sleeve Bushing
013BF 16mm Flange Bushing
FB47 ¾” Flange Bushing
500AS 17mm Flange Bushing
EB78 7/8″ X 1″ Flange Bushing

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