DeLong’s offers a full catalogue of world class poultry processing machinery, replacement peeler rollers, and parts. Whether you need to conduct regular equipment maintenance, rebuild an old poultry machine, or need to buy new poultry machinery, DeLong’s is your best option.

Replacement Peeling Rollers & Processing Parts

For more than Fifty years, the DeLong’s family has been the poultry processing industry’s leading provider of replacement peeler rollers for poultry processing equipment. Proudly manufactured in the United States, DeLong’s precision-engineered peeler rollers can be made to meet or exceed manufacturers’ specifications for all major brands of processing equipment.


All of DeLong’s parts are custom-made to order. No matter what kind of poultry processing machine you have, what brand it is, or how old it is, we can make the appropriate peeler roller or replacement part for it.

DeLong's gizzard peeling roller

Manual Gizzard Peeling Rollers

Remove unwanted membranes and skin on any poultry gizzard quickly and efficiently.

DeLong's breast roller

Breast Cleaning Rollers

Patented designs to perform specific removal of membranes and skin on poultry breasts with precision and speed.

DeLong's gizzard harvester roller

Gizzard Harvesting Rollers

DeLong’s gizzard harvester rollers have a unique, patented design to perform specific removal of membranes and skin poultry gizzards with efficiency and precision.

DeLong's neck skinning roller

Neck & Thigh Skinning Rollers

DeLong’s skinning rollers have a unique, patented design to skin poultry necks and thighs with maximum efficiency.

DeLong's roller end blocks

Roller End Blocks

New high quality end blocks are an integral part of effective poultry processing equipment.

DeLong's bushings

Roller Bushings

New brass bushings are always recommended when replacing any rollers. DeLong’s stocks all sizes for the end block application.

DeLong's gut gears

Pitch-Off Gears

Available in 16 tooth through 35 tooth, and are retrofitted to fit any gizzard machine.

Poultry Processing Machines

DeLong’s offers a wide variety of efficient poultry processing machines for gizzard processing, poultry skinning, defatting, and peeling. We also offer multi-purpose machines capable of skinning necks, thighs, drums, breasts and gizzards. Contact us for an in plant demonstration of our machines.


DeLong’s machinery is simple to operate, easy to repair, and can compete with any available poultry processing equipment in its class.

Automatic Turkey Gizzard Peelers

The Model 2602/2603 Peeler peels upwards of 90%, without damage to the gizzards. The turkey model peels over 60 gizzards per minute, the chicken model peels over 140 per minute.

DeLong's repeeler

Chicken Gizzard Re-Peelers

The Model 3200 Re-Peeler peels upwards of 85-90%, without damage to the gizzards. The capacity of this machine is up to 140 per min for each line.

Poultry Defatters

DeLong’s defatters are designed to remove fat from the gizzard prior to lining removal to produce a higher quality end product.

DeLong's repeel tables

Poultry Repeel Tables

Delong’s repeel table is constructed of stainless steel, bronze bushings, and aluminum flex couplings. The electrical specifications contain a 3 phase motor.

DeLong's neck skinner

Poultry Neck Skinners

Easy to install in any blank part in your line, this unit will handle normal line speeds of 140bpm (birds per minute) with virtually no damage to product.

DeLong's multi-purpose skinner

Multipurpose Poultry Skinners

DeLong’s Multi-purpose Skinner effortlessly removes skin or defats drums, thighs, breasts, and more on both chicken and turkey.


DeLong's conveyor

DeLong’s Conveyor

DeLong’s Conveyors offer stainless steel motor, gearbox, bearings, and frames with necessary parts made in virgin UHMW.

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