DeLong’s offers consultative equipment servicing and staff training to help your poultry processing facility run safely and efficiently.


In order to function properly, poultry equipment must be serviced regularly, not only when it stops working completely. Servicing equipment regularly will help it to break down less frequently, to work more efficiently, and extend the life of your equipment.

What to Expect

DeLong’s high yield management team thoroughly inspects and tests operations of all gizzard harvesters, de-fatters, manual repeel tables, eviscerators, and labor units operating these machines. DeLong’s staff of professionals also inspects for any hazards that could create a safety concern for anyone operating or even viewing equipment in the plant.

30%-50% Increases In Gizzard Yield

Our Consulting Options

DeLong’s provides the following on-going consulting services:

Regular Maintenance and Replacement

Servicing your plant’s gizzard area every year, or 6 months depending on your budget and needs to perform preventative maintenance, change rollers, blocks, and bushings, and make recommendations to increase your efficiency and yield.

Staff Training

Training maintenance staff on the gizzard equipment and spare parts. Training can also be offered to the labor units with all the follow-up consultations. We can make sure your staff Safety in the operation of any and all equipment is always a priority with DeLong’s team of experts.

DeLong’s consulting team benefits each plant with opportunities to ‘fine tune’ their poultry processing and gizzard production.

Learn how you can increase your facility’s efficiency and safety today