Roller End Blocks

End Blocks

New high quality end blocks are an integral part of effective poultry processing equipment. DeLong’s can make customized end blocks to fit any machine.


DeLong’s introduced a revolutionary “Double Action Peeling End Block” to the industry in 1991. The double action peeling sets replace the single two roller sets without any modification to the existing equipment. This simple change doubles the peeling work area and thereby doubles the output per work unit.

Manual DMT & DMF Assemblies

Manual DMT and DMF Assemblies come complete with end blocks, rollers, bushings, and guards and are ready to install.


EBT – Two Hole End Blocks Plus what Roller to Match (004) Part # to Order with EBT-004
EBF – Four Hole End Blocks Plus what Roller to Match (004) Part # to Order with EBF-004


If you just need end blocks, order with an explanation as listed in above.
Example: EBF-004 will be 1 pr. of Four Hole 1/2″ end blocks.

End Blocks for Auto & Skinning Rollers

Description Roller-OEM End Block Part #
Two 3/4″ Home – 2 Piece Set S1830-Cantrell EB1830
Two 1″ Hole – 2 Piece Set H1225-DeLong EB1225
Two 1″ Hole – 4 Piece Set Neck Rollers – Assorted OEM EB1210
Two 3/4″ Hole – 2 Piece Set 4200 Series DeLong EB200
Two 1″ Hole – 2 Piece Set S2047 – Lewis EB2047

If you are unsure what bushings or blocks you need, request a free consultation to speak with one of our experts now.