Plant Safety Signs

Plant Safety Signs

Poultry processing plants are an extremely dangerous environment to work and operate in. Every area of a processing plant will have designated signs that denote the type of precautions that should be taken for that area. Being able to recognize and understand a variety of safety signs is vital to protecting workers from hazardous situations.


Personal Protection Signs

Remaining safe in a dangerous work environment begins with being able to protect oneself from hazardous equipment and materials.


Here are a few personal protection signs commonly found in a processing plant:

  • Eye Protection Signs: Goggles or face masks to keep debris out of eyes.
  • Hard Hat Signs: Should be worn around heavy machinery at all times.  Must fit securely to protect from falling elements.
  • Foot Protection Signs: Impermeable boots necessary to protect from liquids, machinery, etc.
  • Hand Protection Signs: When hand protection signs are posted, gloves are required to be worn to protect workers against hazardous materials.
  • Hearing Protection Signs: Headphones or earplugs are necessary to protect ears from loud noises.
  • Fall Hazard Signs: Denote slippery surfaces.
    • Note: These signs signify protective clothing that should be worn when working in a poultry processing plant.  It is important to note a few other attire regulations while working:
      • No jewelry, long sleeves, or loose shirts while operating machinery.  Loose materials can easily become stuck in an active machine.


Machine Safety Signs

When working around machinery it is important to be aware of the potential hazards each machine possesses.


Below is a list of safety signs found when heavy machinery is present:


Electrical Safety Signs

Electricity plays a vital role in running a processing plant.  However, it can also pose the most serious threats.


Here are some electrical safety signs:

  • High Voltage Signs: Operate with care to avoid shock.  Always wear personal protection care when around high voltage electrical equipment.
  • Electrical Panel Signs: Area in front of electrical panel must be kept clear for 36 inches.
  • Electric Shock Sign: Possibility of shock when coming in contact.  Be cautious around equipment.


Fire Safety Signs

If electrical safety regulations are not carefully followed, fire is a potential outcome.  Workers must also be aware of flammable objects to avoid the risk of starting a fire in the plant.


Here are common fire safety signs:


These signs should help prevent accidents within poultry processing plants. Plants should always have appropriate signs for designated areas to inform workers of potential hazards.  Workers need to be able to locate and recognize safety signs in order to stay safe while working in a dangerous work environment.


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