NTF Takes Action on Cell-Cultured Protein

NTF Takes Action on Cell-Cultured Protein

The National Turkey Federation, and many other councils, associations, and institutions are taking a stand on equal and fair regulations for all foods, regardless of the way they are produced. The bottom line is that consumers should not be misled, deceived, or left out of the loop about what they are putting in their body. Do you agree?


Here’s What’s Going On

Cell-cultured protein products are being overlooked by the USDA.


What Are Cell-Cultured Protein Products?

Cell culture is the process of growing and developing cells under controlled laboratory conditions rather than in their natural environment. In the context of poultry, cell-cultured protein would be “animal meat” that was created and developed without the presence of an animal. The first hamburger made entirely from cell-cultured beef was made up of 20,000 muscle strands grown in a laboratory.


Here’s Who’s Trying to Help

There are many groups actively trying to make a legislative push on Capitol Hill to encourage proper regulation of food. Below is a list of the organizations who took action in writing a letter to President Trump:


American Farm Bureau Federation

American Sheep Industry Association

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

National Chicken Council

National Pork Producers Council

National Turkey Federation

National American Meat Institute


Here’s What We’re Doing About It

NTF and these six other groups sent a letter to President Trump underscoring our belief that cell-cultured protein products should be regulated by USDA.


FDA has been aggressively claiming jurisdiction, even holding a public meeting on possible regulation where USDA was not included in the agenda. The White House has not given a clear indication of how senior administration officials believe the product should be regulated. The letter states that if cell-cultured protein products want to hold themselves out as “meat” produced from the cells of livestock and poultry, then they should be subject to the same comprehensive inspection system that governs traditional meat and poultry products.


NTF and other groups also are continuing to make a major legislative push on Capitol Hill. The House version of the FY 2019 Agriculture Appropriations Bill clearly assigns USDA the regulatory responsibility for these products, and we are now pressing the Senate to follow suit.


We Support Regulation Equality Amongst Food

Delong’s is a proud member of The National Turkey Federation and support their stance to encourage the USDA to regulate cell-cultured proteins under the same regulations and guidelines as natural meats. This effort should keep the market fair, and most importantly inform and educate consumers on what they are putting into their bodies.


At Delong’s we understand the in’s-and-out’s of the poultry industry and we hope that our knowledge, passion, and dedication to our work in the poultry field will help continue the advancement of poultry consumption in today’s society.


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