Increasing Gizzard Yield With Quality Equipment

DeLong's chicken gizzard repeeler

Increasing Gizzard Yield With Quality Equipment

Gizzard consumption is on the rise, and for good reason. There are many benefits to purchasing and consuming gizzards. From cheaper price, to health benefits, it’s a wonder why gizzards aren’t more commonly consumed.

Perhaps a higher production rate and less manual preparation would lead to increased consumer interest and consumption.


By using the right equipment for production and preparation you eliminate the majority of manual effort and increase the speed of production.


Quality Poultry Processing Equipment


Automatic Turkey Gizzard Peelers

Automatic turkey gizzard peelers save a lot of time and effort in the gizzard preparation process. It peels upwards of 90% of gizzards without damaging them. This model peels over 60 gizzards per minute.


The Automatic Gizzard Peeler is easy to use, and requires minimal manual intervention. It lets the gizzards to tumble back and forth which allows the gizzard lining ample opportunity to get caught in the rotating rollers. The sloped blades naturally encourage the gizzards to make their way to the Unloader Assembly, which takes the freshly peeled gizzards out of the machine.  


Chicken Gizzard Re-Peelers

The chicken gizzard re-peelers are equipped with specially designed rollers coupled with perfect speed and water flow to achieve 85-90% undamaged and peeled chicken gizzards. This model peels over 140 gizzards per minute.


These peeling machines are portable and can be placed anywhere in the Gizzard Production Department. Gizzards can enter the machine by either being pumped through a dewatterer, or fed into the chute from a conveyor or manually. The machine will do the rest of the work with the help of gravity to send your freshly peeled gizzards off to quality inspection.

The size, ease of maintenance, efficiency and price make these automatic peelers a must have in the poultry processing industry.


Poultry Defatters

Poultry defatters allow for easier acquisition of leaner poultry product in a timely and efficient manner.


Available for chicken, or turkey, these defatters are designed to remove fat from the gizzard prior to lining removal to produce a higher quality finished piece of meat. These products deliver consistent performance at a low cost.


Poultry Re-Peel Tables

These poultry re=peel tables are used to wash and aid in the peeling process for gizzards. The washing areas are supplied with water savers, and the tables are designed to have “good” product and “waste” product chutes.


These stainless steel tables utilize high washing pressure, and have sizes customizable to your needs.


Poultry Neck Skinners

These products are designed to remove skin from the top area of the chicken.


Whether part of an assembly line, or not, there are neck skinners available for you. They are easy to install in any scenario, and will handle normal line speeds of 140 birds per minute with virtually no damage to the meat.


Multipurpose Poultry Skinners

This machine was designed to work with turkeys or chickens to effortlessly remove skin and fat from breasts, thighs, drumsticks, and more. It is the most efficient and cost effective machine in the poultry processing industry today. This one machine does the job of many machines, so you will free up space in your plant. It is extremely versatile, easy to use, and requires minimal maintenance.


Increase your plant’s productivity and efficiency, while keeping your yields consistent with these quality machines. You will find yourself saving time, money, and energy by using these pieces of equipment, and wonder why you ever tried to accomplish these tasks any other way.


With decades of experience, DeLong’s is the leading experts on the gizzard production process. We hope that our expertise and insight in the industry provides our clients with useful information and equipment to maximize profitability and increase product yield. For more information about how DeLong’s Gizzard Equipment can help you, request a free consultation today or give us a call at (800) 422-9134.  

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