How an Automatic Gizzard Peeler Works

How an Automatic Gizzard Peeler Works

With poultry consumption, and gizzard consumption, on the rise, it’s important to have the means necessary to produce what consumers want and need in the most efficient way possible.


Thanks to advancements in mechanics and technology we now have automatic gizzard peelers; eliminating the hassle of manually peeling gizzards, and increasing production speed.


How They Work

The main purpose of using an automatic gizzard peeler is to detach the gizzard lining from the gizzard.


At Delong’s, our unique variable diameter peeling rollers will allow the gizzards to tumble back and forth, allowing the gizzard lining several chances to be picked up by the peeling rollers.


Here’s the simple process used to easily peel gizzards with our equipment:

  1. Follow all safety measures to ensure that the machine will run smoothly and no one will be injured or harmed in any way during use. Whenever you are using automatic machinery you should follow all OSHA guidelines and safety tips.
  2. Hold or attach a hose to the rotating rollers to keep them clean and lubricated throughout the process. The steady flow of water will also help the gizzards move along the rollers.
  3. Toss the gizzards into the spinning rollers and watch the rollers rip the lining off of the gizzards.
  4. The freshly peeled gizzards will tumble their way toward the Unloader Assembly due to the naturally sloped blades. This is where they will be knocked out of the rollers and into a pile of other peeled gizzards.

Safety Tips

Peeling rollers are designed to pinch and roll any loose material whether it is skin, clothes, or any other loose items coming in contact with them. This can be very dangerous and cause severe harm to people who are not careful.


You should always inspect every gizzard for best quality, before peeling it.


You should apply pressure to the gizzard with the horizontal flat part of your palm and the bottom flat parts of your fingers only. This makes you less likely to get caught up in the rollers.


If the gizzard has been peeled, it goes to the good product chute.


When working with automatic gizzard peelers you should never:

  • Wear gloves
  • Wear long sleeves
  • Wear loose shirts or smocks
  • Have long fingernails
  • Press your fingertips toward or into the rollers.


The Benefits

These automatic peelers are revolutionary in the poultry production industry and offer many benefits to more outdated manual methods.


These peelers peel upwards of 90% of gizzards without damaging them.

The turkey peelers peel over 60 gizzards per minute.

The chicken peelers peel over 140 gizzards per minute.

These auto peelers are portable and can be placed anywhere in the Gizzard Production Department.


Save yourself some time and effort by investing in an automatic gizzard peeler. They will increase the speed of your poultry production, therefore increasing product yield and the likelihood of gizzard consumption.


With decades of experience, DeLong’s is the leading experts on the gizzard production process. We hope that our expertise and insight in the industry provides our clients with useful information and equipment to maximize profitability and increase product yield. For more information about how DeLong’s Gizzard Equipment can help you, request a free consultation today or call us at (800) 422-9134.

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