Employee Spotlight: Jimmy

Employee Spotlight: Jimmy

Meet Jimmy, a valued member of the DeLong’s Gizzard Equipment family. Jimmy is the best dog ever and can be found with Mary just about everywhere she goes.

When did you start working at DeLongs?

In the summer of 2007. Woof!

What’s your favorite treat?

Animal Cookies from Lu. They’re the best.

What’s your job around the office.

To protect Mary at all times. I take this job very seriously.

What do you wish was your job around the office?

To sleep all day. Zzzz….

Do you have an opinion on delivery men?

I don’t like when they come into the office.

How would you describe your perfect day?

10am – 12pm to nap, and then to go home and nap some more.

Do you have a favorite animal to chase?

I don’t chase animals. I nap.

What’s your favorite toy?

My couch and my blanket.

Who’s a good boy?



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