Chicken Gizzard Recipes from the South and Around the Globe

Chicken Gizzard Recipes from the South and Around the Globe

If you haven’t tried gizzards yet, you are missing out. Gizzards can add that extra spice to your family gathering you’ve been searching for all these years. Make a dish everyone will never forget!

Gizzards don’t only serve as a party talking piece, they are very nutritious! The gizzard is actually one of the most nutritious parts of chicken; they are high in protein, low in fat, and contain many vitamins.

Below are some traditional southern gizzard recipes we think would be good to try! Or if you’re looking for an international taste, we’re talking about that next!


  1. Fried Gizzards
    • Skip past the chicken legs, go straight for the gizzard. Trust us, southern fried gizzards are a must-have at any large gathering. Pair them with some celery and ranch and be ready to indulge. View full recipe.
  2. Southern Dirty Rice
    • A popular dish down South and very filling. Try it out instead of fried rice!
      View Full Recipe
  3. Gizzards-N-Grazy


You may have thought that eating gizzards was a southern delicacy, but gizzards are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. From street food in Haiti to fried gizzards at your local KFC, they are served in places you would never expect. In Indonesia, a fried chicken meal isn’t complete unless the gizzard is served alongside it. In Mexico, you can find gizzards in a breakfast burrito or served in a warm cup of soup. In Portugal, gizzards are served as a casual afternoon snack to hold you over for dinner. In Ghana, you will find gizzards served on your kebab with some of your favorite veggies around it. In Nigeria, peppered gizzards are one of their famous recipes. In Japan, they barbecue their gizzards and cook it in yakitori. In the United States, you can find gizzards served in the famous gumbo on the streets of New Orleans.


Do any of these peak your interest? They definitely peaked ours! Here are some recipes on our must try list.


Like what you ate? Take a picture and share the recipe of your next gizzard meal to get featured on our blog!

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