5 Benefits of American Made Parts for Your Poultry Plant

5 Benefits of American Made Parts for Your Poultry Plant

When buying parts for your poultry plant, it’s essential to consider their source, and the consequences of production and shipping. There are many benefits of buying American made products, and this blog post will outline 5 that we feel are most important to consider when selecting a supplier.

1. Lower Costs

Though imported processing equipment might have a lower sticker price, there are many hidden costs that can cancel out the initially perceived savings. First, shipping long distances requires a large amount of time. Time lags can negatively effect processes and sales, as it’s difficult or impossible to produce the desired output in a timely manner. Second, International shipping is also very costly. Distance-driven transportation costs can be avoided or greatly reduced by leaning to domestic companies for your product needs.

2. Shorter Lead Times

One of the leading benefits of buying domestic equipment is shorter lead times. When facing long lead times associated with long-distance shipping, it is necessary to carry larger inventories to account for uncertain product demand and usage needs (recurrent risks). Reduced lead times enable you to have lower inventory holdings, and quicker access to suppliers, thus lowering costs associated with inventory management (Institute for Supply Chain Management) .


3. Lower Supply-Chain Risks

Domestically sourced production supplies can greatly reduce supply-chain risks. Certain political factors, natural disastors, and other complexities can lead to transportation issues and shutdown periods that inhibit suppliers from efficiently reaching their customers (MITSloan). It’s important to address these issues, and understand the setbacks of a delay. A localized supply chain can ensure reliable access to goods and services, and provide a greater flexibility and control of a supply chain. With easily accessible equipment and services, managers will be able to rely less on forecasts made far in advance, and manage a more accurate stock of equipment that meets their needs.


4. Reduced Environmental Impact

Buying domestic parts for your processing plant can help reduce the environmental impacts of transportation and production. Unlike some countries, The United States has agencies, such as the EPA, that regulate various industries, and ensure that businesses comply with energy and pollution standards. Purchasing USA made products ensures that each item was made in compliance with regulatory agencies, and that you’re promoting the effort to reduce the environmental impacts of manufacturing and production.


Domestic shipping also means shorter distances travelled to ship goods, consequently reducing carbon emissions. Overall, it is necessary to be responsible for the environmental impact of your supply-chain, and purchasing products made in the USA ensures that they were made responsibly.

5. Fair Labor

Products made in America are not only environmentally responsible, buth they are also made in acccordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which  enforces minimum wage, overtime pay, and child labor laws. It’s important to support the ethical treatment of workers in your supply-chain, and America has implemented laws to protect them.


Though not limited to the outlined benefits, it’s important to be aware of the the hidden costs and consequences of your supply chain, and to always consider buying domestic for your company to promote responsible environmental practices, human rights, and  a more reliable source.

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